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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let the illustrations... begin!

Thanks are definitely in order.

After sending a call out to for an illustrator, I had four fabulous people interested. Two were people who found me in the Twitterverse and two were awesome people I already had in my life. It was a tough decision in many ways and I really want to thank each of them for being interested. Every single one of them are talented and super to deal with!

Rough sketch, my ass. Look at the detailed coloration!
In the end, I made my decision based on the drawing I thought best suited the story. As it turns out, that person is one of the creative geniuses that are already in my life. The ironic thing is that I knew this guy was talented, but I had no clue just HOW talented. I am absolutely in awe of the work he put into his "rough sketch". ------------->

Don't you agree?

(No, you can't have him. I'm going to keep him busy, dammit!) HA!

Well, okay... that was rude of me. If you seriously wanted to chat with him... I can make a list.

Get you in contact. Drop a name. :)

At the moment, he's not taking any additional work, but as soon as he is: you can be the first to know.

At any rate... I want to thank each of the artists who submitted, again. You are all freakin' awesome.

Special thanks to my new evil illustrator mastermind.

May your wife not mind me monopolizing your artistic time. ;)


T.S. Welti said...

Yay! You found a friend illustrator, too! I have had a very good experience working with my illustrator. If I have one word of advice it would be COLLABORATE. it doesn't mean you have to always compromise, but you can't have everything your way. For me, being the control freak that I am, that was an important lesson. Good luck on this new adventure! :D

Carissa Elg said...

Thanks, Ms. Darling Welti for the advice! The cool thing with my illustrator is that he and his family live close. I think he understands the vision I was going for with it and we are both pretty open to interpretation. Thanks for the offer of your illustrator, too! I wanted to wait and see how this played out before I broke down and asked! HA! I seriously could not have been more bowled over. I have another friend who's work was also brilliant! It was really hard to choose!

Anonymous said...

Carissa, I love his illustration. You've got yourself a winner! I can wait to see the completed work!

Lyn Midnight said...

Omg, I love it too! It's so unassumingly evil, or is the octopus supposed to be good? In any case, I LOVE. I'll write a book just so that this person can illustrate, lol. By the way, do they have a site? I like to browse talented artists' work and (stalk them) praise them. :P

Carissa Elg said...

Alas, he doesn't. Though, I do plan on urging him to get a site! He's a good friend of mine who I believe should be utilizing all this creativity he has! He's crafty in so many ways! He puts me to shame!

Dana said...

I love the sketch! Your friend is really talented.

Jacquelyn said...

Great sketch! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

Anita said...

That's beautiful! I'm in awe of how much artistic talent there is out there, even among writers. Congrats on finding your perfect fit, Carissa! Now go eat some cake to celebrate! Hee