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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Journey as a Published Author Begins Now

I have some news for all of you…

To me, it's exciting news. Fantastical news, even.

As I stated in my last blog to you guys, I was going to let the clock run down, and let fate decide how I would move forward with the publication of Pendomus. May 1 was the date I drew as my line in the sand.

Well, guess what?  Holy jumping jelly beans, it's May 1st already!

I've been quietly working behind the scenes, preparing for this day. I think in my heart, I always knew how this was going to play out. With my background in print, graphic design, marketing, and writing -- there really was only one clear choice.

Yes, as you may have guessed - I'm going INDIE!

Not to be confused with UNDIE… because, well… you know. ;)

Now, I know you are all awaiting the date Pendomus will be released… and I will get to that. Just not in this post. (I know, I know, Ray…)

Keep an eye out on the Pendomus Facebook site a bit later this morning, though. As promised, I will divulge the date today.

However, I have some other news I want to share before I get to that.

In preparation for my launch, I have been working hard on getting a brand spanking new website in place for people to keep in touch with me on all of my projects, including the latest on Pendomus. Going forward, however, this means all blog posts will be run through the new site. So be sure to bookmark the page, and hit the follow button. There will be lots posted between now and the launch.

And guess what? The launch date will be revealed there, as well. (hint, hint)

Are you ready to check it out?

I want to thank everyone who has been involved in helping me get to this point. I look forward to making you all proud with this book!

Now, hop over to the new site, would ya?!


Carissa Taylor said...

Even just from the screenshot the new site looks super snazz! Jumping over there now!

Carissa Andrews said...

Thanks, Carissa! (Heehee... so weird saying that!) Looking forward to revealing the release date at 11am CDT!

tddfn said...

I'm just glad you didn't wait till Sept. 30 to tell us!!! :)

roro said...

congrats and huggs