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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Akashic Records = Internet

So today I was thinking about what a friend of mine was saying about technology and, in specific, the internet. How it's seemingly making us a dumber and more complacent group of people. People are addicted to the internet; to looking things up, connect with people and most not really taking the time for introspection anymore; which is the key to growth and eventually, wisdom.

However, another thought came to mind... It seems, we as a people have always been struggling in some form or another to get to this point - easy access to the collective mind. We have had mystics, oracles, shaman, witches - the names go on and on... all in some form or another trying to either gain access to the collective consciousness or guide others in their paths to it. In order to do so, the need was there to expand beyond their own consciousness; their own beliefs and perceptions to see around or maybe through it. To get to a point where they could really SEE.

Edgar Cayce called this place the Akashic Records (or the Hall of Records). Interestingly enough, the internet is not dissimilar from this place; minus the hard work and exercise to meditate. It's no wonder this place has such an addictive power over people. Combine that with human nature's desire for a quick result and you have a potent mix.

It seems that in a way, ever since the dawn of time we have been struggling to ask the same question; "Why are we here?"

I wonder if the internet will help us on the road to discovery or just distract us from the wisdom it takes to make ourselves.