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Friday, June 17, 2011

Calling all artists!

Gettin' artsy with it
So... this may seem a bit out of the blue.

I need an illustrator.

Someone who's interested in doing art for a children's story I wrote last year, but put on the back burner because Pendomus took over my brain. Don't get me wrong... Pendomus is still calling, but my mental focus is still lacking.

Here's what happened: This cool book, "Go the F**k to Sleep" came out and it reminded me of this darling little thing I wrote last summer, called the Roar War. (Though there is no swearing. Drat!)

As I've said before, I fancy myself wonder woman. The universe, however, fancies me human. Pfft. Psh. {snort}

I come from a family of artists and always felt I could easily do the illustrations for this myself. BUT... I never have. (Obviously! Derka, derka Carissa!) I was on to bigger and better things. However, a new opportunity presented itself to me in the form of an "AHA!" moment.

I could totally collaborate with one of you amazing people! How freakin' awesome would that be!? Since I wasn't on twitter much before March of this year, this option wasn't even... well, an option. HA!

If you're interested, hit me up in the comments section here or DM me on Twitter.

We can work something out based on responses. Obviously, I'd like to see a sample of your work to see if you'd be meshy with my kind of crazy.

Let's do this thing!


Jenny Phresh said...

Fellow blogger Catherine Stine is an artist:

I can draw some stick figures, and vegetables with eyes! But I don't think that's what you want.

Ishita aka Fishy said...

ummm i'm not horrible at art i made mongol ppl and animals for school but i make them using construction figures so idk it that's what you want projects i have pics on my twitpic ... /(my Mongolians :D )
and contact me via my blog ...

T.S. Welti said...

I'm a pretty horrible artist, but if you like my illustrator's style (check all the pics on my book page) I can ask him if he's up for another project.

Katie Adams said...

Hi! I'm not sure what kind of illustrations you are looking for, but here is a link to my portfolio.