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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mini Goddamn Deadlines

Not only does this represent how I've felt lately,
but this is the Manitou Incline.

I *may* have agreed to do this.
I reserve the right to change my goddamn mind.
One month has been frittered away due to brain mutiny. We're now closing in on July and with my *new* goddamn deadline just two months away, I feel a need to take action.

I need mini goddamn deadlines.

This week, I am gonna be in Colorado visiting a close friend. So, starting any new kind of regimen (besides trying to adjust to a new time zone) is probably out of the question. Besides, she's planning on having me do some crazy ass stuff like climbing the Manitou Incline. Oh, shit.

So, here's what I'm proposing starting the week of July 4th:

I'm going edit 4 chapters a week. 

There are currently 36 chapters to do in 9 weeks. Considering I wrote the majority of the book in 2 months, I see no reason why I can't make this happen.

It may involve me letting go of my lazy wake-ups that I've taken on since the concussion and get my bum back into my 5am wake-ups. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I'm kinda looking forward to that.)

So that I keep in line with my word, I plan on posting my progress on my facebook author page. If you want to know if I'm keeping up my end of the bargain, check me out there.

This way, it's just one more way to be held accountable. ;)

What are your goals/plans? Are there any that I could help hold you accountable with?


KendallGrey said...

Good luck with your new goals, Carissa. I'll be happy to yell in your face any time you start struggling.

I just "liked" you on the Facebook page. :-)

T.S. Welti said...

Mini-goals are good. I wish I would have set mini-goals for myself when I began writing my book. Then it might not have taken six years to finish. :-/

I have total confidence that you can edit four chapters per week. You should try making a checklist of things you're looking for (excessive adverbs, weak verbs, filters, etc.) and go through your chapter looking for each thing individually. Then you can check stuff off your list as you go. You could even make a little Excel file with your checklist running down the left side and your chapter numbers running along the top row. That's my obsessive neat-freak personality talking. feel free to ignore her if you want. :)

Good luck and have fun on your trip! :D

Anita said...

OMG, that climb looks friggin' STEEP. Hee. Good luck, girl!

And I think it's a great idea to edit 4 chaps a week. WOW. You wrote that book in 2 months??? I'm in AWE. I'll be checking on your FB page! ;)

My mini-goal? When this crazy week w/family is over, I plan to settle back into writing at least a chap a week on my WIP. I've been biting at the bit to get back to it, so I'm hoping that will be motivation enough. Though I think I'll put a word count widget on my blog to keep me honest. Laters!

Anonymous said...

The worst part about the whole deal is summer's here. Such a tough time to write...all motivation is out the window! Can we pile anything else on this all-you-can-eat procrastination season?

Good luck, Carissa! I know you can do it! It's all a matter of getting it done! You CAN do it! :)

cherie said...

Go, woman! You can do this!

Now that you're back from your trip, get to work! Hehee. I did promise you that I'll check your progress. ;)

Give me a C! Give me an A! Give me...oh heck, your name is too long. And I was never a cheerleader at school so I don't actually know how to do this. No cartwheels from me, or pom poms. :)

I'll just mimic Nike instead and say this: Just DO it.

Goodluck! <3

Carissa Elg said...

Hey, guys! Thanks for the encouragement and kind words! I let myself sleep in today (until 6:30am) because I needed to catch up on my sleep from waking up at 3:30am the day before. *Shakes fist at sooper early flight*

But I got a good chunk of my epilogue written (sorta came to me as I was waking up-- LOVE when that happens). I doubt I'll get much editing done until much later. My daughter isn't fond of fireworks yet, so I plan to stay home with her while the hubby and son galavant down to watch them. I should be able to get in some good editing/writing once she's asleep.

Tomorrow, the 5am wakeups start. Whoo-hoo!