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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Proclamation of Appreciation

So, this is a kick ass week for me.

Amazing author and friend, TS Welti will be posting a five question interview of me on her blog tomorrow (July 13th). I blabber about writing, with the focus on The Pendomus Chronicles. From what I gather, the interview should go live around 10am PDT. By the way-- her interview will also include an excerpt. ;)

How super cool is that? 

The point of this blog is two-fold. 


*jumps up and down like a kid*

Second: I want to thank Tania for her kindness and send a special shout out to her. 

So, it is in that spirit, that I want to mention: 

TS Welti has a fabulous new book that just came out, The Fifth Specter

Here's the excerpt:
Thirteen-year-old Parker Chance has suffered from hallucinations for most of his life. He has been ridiculed and expelled from public school on account of these hallucinations. When his adoptive father destroys a picture of his birth mother, Parker decides to run away from home. He soon finds himself whisked away to a village of superhumans where he discovers he is one of them. Parker’s new power puts him at the center of a deadly mystery and he soon proves he is much too curious for his own good. The Fifth Specter is a funny and enchanting fantasy that will stay with the reader long after the final page is turned.

Sounds awesome, right? 

I'm awaiting my hard copy as I type and look forward to reading this to my book obsessed son. (I don't know where he gets it. It's weird.)

(The Fifth Specter can be acquired in e-book form as well. FYI!) is also kind enough to have a blurb about the fabulous Ms. Welti:

About the Author

Ms. Welti
T.S. Welti is a single mother living in Southern California. She writes books for kids and teens for a living and bakes in her spare time. In 2005, she began writing THE FIFTH SPECTER while sitting in the shade of a weeping willow on a sweltering summer day. Five years later, she lost her job and the book was still not finished. After many sleepless nights spent slaving away at her keyboard, she was finally able to finish THE FIFTH SPECTER and has never looked back. You can find out more about T.S. Welti and the Parker Chance Series on her website at

The writing/reading community is one of vast support. I'd love it if you would swing by her blog tomorrow to check out my interview... and of course, frequent her blog in the future!

One last thing: For the love-- if you aren't following her on Twitter-- be sure to do so.

You guys ROCK! Thank you! :D


Lyn Midnight said...

Aww you're the sweetest Virgo I know of! You know... because they're usually self-centered. :P

So I can't wait to read that excerpt!!! Wheee. And the book does sound amazing. I love curious characters. Hell, I have one nagging in my brain wanting to know how tap water works. *sigh*

So I'll swing by her blog tomorrow for the goodies. Hell, I'll swing by right now. There's nothing good on TV...

Carissa Elg said...

LOL! Lyn, you are so funny! If you haven't been keeping track of'll adore her. She's awesome!

T.S. Welti said...

Holy mackerel! I did not expect so much love so early in the morning. You, my dear, are awesome beyond words. I honestly didn't expect to get such awesome answers when I started this kooky idea a few weeks ago, but you, and all the rest of the writers who have participated, delivered beyond measure.

For those who don't know yet, Carissa is not just an awesome person and great blogger, she's also a very talented writer. The excerpt she sent me was such great quality for a first draft cranked out in just a few months. This is not a woman with a distant dream, it is well within her grasp. I can't wait to see how Pendomus develops.

Thank you, Carissa, for posting such an incredible, gracious post. I could not have asked for anything more. You rock! :D

Carissa Elg said...

You are most welcome! I'm all about the element of surprise! Sneaky like that... Good thing to keep that in mind... ;)

(Side note: I was not fishing for compliments, but THANK YOU! I seriously enjoy being in the mind of my male lead. He's funny as hell and fun to torment. HA!)