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Friday, July 15, 2011

Cursed Complacency

Those of you who follow my blog, know that I adore Jillian Michaels. Her philosophy on life is so in sync with mine that I wish we were friends in real life.

That better be organic veggies on your cardboard pizza
That said, I've fallen into complacency.

Health complacency, that is.

When I've had pizza for the fifth day in a row and I can't remember the last time I ate an actual vegetable... Well, we have a problem.

And I doubt I'm alone in this.

My life gets hectic. And so does yours.

There are never enough hours in the day. Ever. When I go into crazy writer mode, the first thing to suffer is my health. Which is stupid. It's the catalyst for my writing in the first place.

I feel very strongly that when our health is strong... when we eat right, exercise regularly (and vigorously), our minds flourish. We are more creative, more in tune. We all around function better. So why, then, is it such a pain in my ass?

Probably because it takes time. In order to eat right, you have to meal plan. There are recipes involved, the buying of actual food... then there's the prep and following said recipe; which involves work. Chopping, slicing, mixing and dashing (yes, dashing!). And it all takes time away from what I want to be doing------> (WRITING) To add insult to injury, there's the "I just made a meal for four, but produced enough dishes for twelve, cleanup." Gah!


The thing is, I know I have to get back on track. Even my workouts have slipped to three days a week and that makes me cranky. (Ask my kids.)

For all the sitting I do, I have to push myself in my workouts. Call me a glutton for punishment, but if I'm not doing mountain climbers and crow pushups, I don't feel like I've done my job properly.

So, here's where you come in...

I need to get myself back on track.

You probably do, too. Am I right?

Despite the obnoxious time it takes to meal plan (at least it's not folding laundry! YUCK!), I want to get that beast under control. I also want to recommit to my five days a week ass kickers. Uh, I mean workouts.

Who's with me? 

We can skip gleefully into a healthy future together. Or something like that.


KendallGrey said...

Funny you should mention this...I have been going through the same "health crisis" lately too. I've gained weight, feel generally crappy, and eat horribly. When we got to MA, I bought much healthier foods and no candy or chocolate (this is huge for me). I even brought my tennis shoes so I can do some walking while I'm here.

Being healthy really is hard, but the pay off is lifelong.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for healthy eating (even though love me my junk food). However, when it comes to exercising - while I'm here to cheer you on, I think I'll do it from the sidelines (I'll be folding my laundry) ;)

Carissa Elg said...

Luckily, I haven't gained weight. However, I can tell I'm not in the shape I was, even last month. Drives me nuts. I know it's because I'm not being diligent, it just gets so hard! I would much rather be doing something else.

@Tracey - Workouts are the one thing I don't mind doing... As long as I do them first thing in the morning. If I go into crazy writer mode, forget about it! LOL!

@Kendall - Awesome choices, woman! Anything I can do to help cheer you along? Pom poms, perhaps? ;)

Marc mattaliano said...

I went to Staples a month ago to get a USB cord for my laptop, and on a clearance shelf, I found something called an Iron Gym. It's one of those things you hang in a door and you can do pull ups and sit ups and push ups and stuff. Anyway, I'm not looking to lose any weight per se, but I am happy I'm trying to keep aware of times when I act like a total gavone and try to eat a little less, and that I'm doing some exercises almost every morning.

Every little bit can help, so it's very cool to see others doing their best as well, :-D

Lyn Midnight said...

I desperately want to say me, but I hate exercising. See, I'll probably look hideous by the time I have to get married and nobody will want me. Oh well. (At least there's writing.) And even worse, I have no eating habits, none. It's a miracle I've survived this long... Good luck! :D

Kate said...

I'm there. Count me in. I've gotta get back on track too and, insane reasons aside, I just want to feel better.

TL Jeffcoat said...

I was just thinking about needing to get back on track. I haven't done yoga or any boxing or cardio in at least a month. I've put on a fat 8 pounds though. I got to get back on track or I'll put that 30 pounds I lost earlier this year right back on.

Carissa Elg said...

Marc, Lyn, Kate and Tim-

This week has been good so far! I've been keeping track of how many fruits/veggies I've eaten. Upped the intake of water and have managed to keep on par with the workouts.

Sometimes, all it takes is that added awareness. Anything I can do to help you guys?

Lyn... no excuses! Get your butt moving, woman! LOL!

Kate said...

Gah. I need motivation, but have no clue how to fit exercise in when I work till midnight every night, and it's already 80 degrees of uncomfortable grossness when I wake up. Crapola.