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Monday, August 15, 2011


After last week's crazy vanity escapades, a few new things have come to light…

First: My Mom ended up having emergency surgery this weekend on her right eye. Turns out, her retina detached and if she didn't get it fixed as soon as possible, it would lead to permanent blindness. As I've stated before, she's a visual artist (with her specialty in acrylic painting) and the whole thing has been frightening. So far, the surgery sounds like it was a success, though her eye needs to be monitored for the next few weeks. It could, however, take up to 6 months for her vision to be completely normal. We're all hoping for a speedy and successful recovery for her. Love you, Mom!

Second: While I didn't like the way the subject of my networking usage was broached last week, I've done a lot of thinking and feel it's time to regroup. My Goddamn Deadline is looming just a few weeks away and I'm only entering Chapter 21 (of 32). The ending of Pendomus still has to be reworked (which, to be honest, I am looking forward to) and it needs to be top priority.

Third: There's only a month and a half to pull myself together before heading to Georgia for the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. (Hey, CRITS gals!) And that alone is enough to send me into a tail spin.

So, with all this in mind, if you don't see me on Twitter or blogging much for the next 6 weeks… Assume this is why. I will be back. Yes, I may even continue the Embarrass Me[me]'s. LOL!

But for now...

The universe has sent a clear message: Time to refocus.


Shain Brown said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. My boss had the same thing happen. Turns out, his probably occurred during a sneezing fest which he normally does, or working in the yard. He is back up and seems to be fine. Best Wishes.

Good Luck on finishing everything in time! Sounds as though you have a lot to get done.

I can't wait to hear about your Georgia trip, I have yet to attend any such writing event. Have a great time.

Carissa Elg said...

Thanks, Shain!

This whole thing with my Mom was a little crazy… I hope she heals as good as your boss. It's a little scary because her eye pressure is up. :S

Thanks for the luck, too! I need it! HA!

I will definitely be keeping people up to date on the GA trip. Lordy… it should be interesting, THAT'S for sure! HA!

KendallGrey said...

Refocusing is good. I'm hearing a lot of writers doing this right now, myself included. Social networking is really fun, but it's also a huge time killer. I finally took people's advice and refocused on writing rather than screwing around on Twitter all day long. We are writers first, marketers second. I realized if I don't have anything for people to read, Tweeting about my writing is kinda pointless.

Hope all goes well with your mom's recovery and that your revisions go smoothly!

J. A. Bennett said...

Sorry to hear about your mom, but it sounds like you are making a good move for yourself. I like your embarrassing stories so it's alright with me if you keep those coming :)

Carissa Elg said...

Thanks, guys! I think refocusing will be a good thing. I have goals to meet, dammit! LOL! But I enjoy the silly Embarrass Me[me]'s, too. I will at the very least be doing those. ;)

Anita Grace Howard said...

Bless your mom! I hope everything turns out fine for her. Eeps. As writers, we can totally relate to how scary that would be. Good for you for refocusing. I can't wait to see what you think of this conference!

Michael Offutt said...

My sympathies go out to you regarding your mom. I hope that her vision has been saved by the emergency surgery.