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Monday, December 31, 2012

Query Away!

So, it's done! FINALLY!

Seems like I've waited a long damn time to say this... but Pendomus is officially in the query stage! *breaks open champagne and does the snoopy dance*

Snoopy Dancing Xander

I've started stage one of my query process:
  1. Hit up the people who wanted to see it after the Moonlight and Magnolias conference last year. 

That means the fantastically funny Jessica Faust from BookEnds and sooper sweet Leah Hultenschmidt from Sourcebooks have the manuscript. Whether or not anything will come of it, has yet to be seen, but I can't wait to hear back. Good or bad.

My additional list of agents to query to is growing and I plan to continue the process this week, as there may be agents more suited to my genre-bending style of writing. (I'm like a ninja, ya know!)

Now that this process has begun, I'd like to start having a weekly blog post about Pendomus. The series itself has a lot going on from world building to character development and even sciencey stuff no one has ever heard of. (Can you say tardigrades, anyone?)

So far, this will be a 10 part series, but perhaps more if my brain conjures up more to discuss... or if there seems to be interest.

With that in mind, I want to kick off this Friday, January 4th, with a blog about tidally-locked planets. What they are, what that damn phrase means, and why it relates to Pendomus.

Are you ready to learn some cool stuff?


Carissa Andrews said...

Thanks, Jim! 13 is my lucky number, after all! Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

Dana said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Ray Plasse said...

No one told me I gotta learn stuff!

Carissa Andrews said...

Thanks, Dana! And of course, Ray! Learning is grand!