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Friday, May 20, 2011

Well, bowl me over

Guess what, guys!?

I'm almost done with my first draft!  

Holy freakin' flying monkeys! As it stands, I have one more chapter to finish editing for this round and I'm super stoked! I'm actually gonna make this goddamn deadline! Who knew?

Well, okay... you guys did. You kept reminding me and pushing me forward, so THANK YOU! Without people like you (and uber cheerleader, beta reader extraordinaire Sherry, my goddess of a mother and saint of a husband) I wouldn't be closing in on this deal as excited as I am.

Of course, there will still be more cleaning to do... wordings, sentence structure correction, tenses, etc. The good news is, I have a critique group who I'm thrilled to be working with in the upcoming days--> (Uber Kick Ass Fiends, unite! Or is it untie? I forget.) With their amazing eye, I've no doubt, my book will be ready for querying soon. (Thus begins a whole new kind of terror.)


On a fantastic side note, I've had some wonderful bloggers tip their hats to me lately and I wanted to give a quick HALLA out to them for being so amazing. I haven't had a whole lot of time to think up new things to spew about myself (been working to meet that goddamn deadline) but I still want to thank you.

Each of you deserve this award.

Sooper sweet bloggers------>
First, to Anita for being so amazing all the time.

Second, to Sophie Li who started the blogger award trend with Anita & I thank them a million times over for taking notice.

Third, to Cherie, who is always a rock star. I love her to pieces.

Third, to Orlando for being as great as he is and bestowing a sweetie blogger award.

Fourth, to L. Carroll for her amazingly sweet words about my blog today.

Sixth, to Jack Flacco for his amazing attitude and writing.

There are so many other amazing people who I've met who could easily deserve this award as well. You guys astound me every day and I hope you know how much your support (and sometimes chiding) means to me.

I'm convinced that the writing community is the absolute best.

Now... off to cure cancer. Meh. Maybe I'll just finish my first draft. ;)


Anonymous said...

That's awesome news, Carissa! Good work!

You should do what I did when you officially complete the first draft--go out and celebrate. Knock yourself out for one night before tackling the daunting task that awaits--the edits...eeeeek! That's when the real fun starts!

And thank you once again for the honorable mention! My goodness, I'm flattered. *bows*

Now, back I go to my own writing! :)

KendallGrey said...

Go, Carissa! I'm so excited for you. Finishing a draft is a great feeling. Congrats on yet another award for your awesomeness. :-)

Carissa Elg said...

Thanks, guys!

Daezarkian13 said...

Good job -- finishing that first draft is the hardest part!

Anita said...

Woohoo, girl! I'm soooooo proud of you! I knew you could do it. :) What a great feeling, right? And congrats on your new crit group, too! So glad you found one. Just wait, the fun's only starting because now you get to polish your MS to a sparkling gem. :)

And thanks so much for the award, you lovely gal. :) I will list your name on my sidebar beneath it so EVERYONE will know how sweet you are. :) And congrats to the other wonderful nominees.

Have a great weekend!

Jenny Phresh said...

Grand news!

Anonymous said...


That is no small achievement!

And THANKS for the 'Yum-O' award! These are the kind of desserts a gal can really get into! ^.^