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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I work best under stress...

Okay, I've decided.

No more slow meandering through this rewrite and smoothing process. I've made it to the final stretch and I need to give myself a deadline. I work best under stress anyway. Just ask my husband during NaNoWriMo! HA!

My goal/deadline is actually twofold. Personally, I think I could quite possibly be done with this novel sometime mid-month (especially if I really apply myself) but I do also have a number of distractions - birthday parties to plan, for example. So, just in case... I'm going to have a default.

So, here and now, I proclaim that I will officially have the first draft written by May 1st, 2011 and ready to be sent for editing.

If, by the graces of the universe, I'm able to finish it sooner, I'd like to have my queries ready to send out to possible agents by May 1st.

Either way you look at it, May 1st is a big day in my world. Both literally and figuratively.

Wish me luck.

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