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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Seed of this World

She speaks to me, flesh biten riddles and colorful roses
The tides turn uninterrupted and squelched 
Disturbed but uninhibited, the feelings arouse
Persistent and longingly as they circle in sequence

Somewhere in space and time is this place
Where only those who know her can enter 
Random and orderly the two coincide
Unable to exist without the other

A jumbled mess of uniform thoughts
Instincts that go beyond all bounds
She asks me to see this place
Dig a little deeper, she whispers
Understand the circumstances that arise

The framework unhinged, skin left blistering
Time fades away and all that's left... is 
Absent in love and open in mind leads only to the dead inside

Be open 
Be ready
Be free

The world appears finite, yet the infinite knows better
Clinging to the flesh dripping fear of the past
All boundaries are alone man made
A disease of the dysfunction we adhere to

She ignites my mind with her electric fingertips
Lapping up all reasons for self-doubt
She insists on something else instead
The blossom of life and its seed of this world...
Begins as nothing more than a seed