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Friday, January 25, 2013

PENDOMUS INSIGHTS: Elements of a Dystopia

Welcome to PART 4 of my edification on all things Pendomus!

Elements of Pendomus
What started with a girl running away from home, developed into a much larger dystopian world. For me, it was a distorted way of viewing the world we already live in.

So many of us spend our lives working for others; Spending all day building someone else's dream... To what? Make money so we can buy things we don't need, to impress people we don't even like. Then we wonder why we are all so unhappy. Why obesity is an epidemic. Why kids are raising themselves.

For me, I wanted this new world to take a different stance. The society inside the Helix tries, almost too hard, to make sure everyone's life purpose is fulfilled. They utilize science to determine what that purpose is, unfortunately, removing any choice whatsoever.

Beyond that, they control more than just a human's purpose. As I stated before, sleep, food, communication, procreation... it's all being handled by professionals. So let's break it down.

Sleep. Dang... It takes up a 1/3 of our day. In the Helix, I decided they've found a way around it - using special equipment called the Lotus Chair. For this, I considered meditation as my source. Sitting in lotus position, is often viewed to be the traditional way to sit and meditate, so for the Lotus Chair, it's a similar concept. You'd sit cross-legged and comfortable, while as special machine drops down, stimulating your brain and simulating the way humans "used to" sleep. 

Food. On Pendomus, not much can actually grow. Remember, it's a tidally-locked planet. Because of this, humans have devised a way to distribute the nutrients needed (amongst other...erm...things) in the form of tablets, known as RationCaps. They expand in your stomach and hit your blood stream as soon as they dissolve. In fact, my main character's mother, Absala Cophem, is a RationCaps Chemist - working hard at providing the right science to deliver.

Communication. There's too much to know. Because of technological advances, out-loud language has fallen to the wayside, taken over by a new way to communicate - direct contact into a brain via the eLink (exchangeLink). This was my take on how the internet may evolve - direct downloads and communication without the need of a device beyond the human brain. Ever daydream? You know how you can see the whole thing take place, even if you're not really there? The eLink was developed to tap into that part of the brain, allowing visual impulses, information, etc to be downloaded right to your memory. 

Sex. Ooooh... great topic, right? So, get this: No one in the Helix has sex. Hell, no one in the Helix even knows about sex. Humanity on Pendomus had a rough start. Because of that, procreation was left to science. What combination of genetics held the best key to life? Geneticists single out those combinations and push forward the next generation. However, as you'll see in the book, familial relationships are not really a big deal because of it. People go through the motions - living together as a family unit, but their motivations, time and energy is expected to be spent helping the Helix evolve and thrive.

There you have it... a few of the fun elements that make Pendomus... well, Pendomus.

Next week: Start meeting the characters and their journey. First up; Runa.