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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Wow, writing and editing when you have a day job is hard. 

Honestly, I never thought it would be. I knew I would have less time… sure. That's obvious. But I never expected the soul crushing lack of energy that comes with it. 

Since starting my job, I've had absolutely no motivation to write. 

I've gotten feedback on Pendomus from some of my dear friends and fellow authors, Pavarti and T.S. Welti. They inspire me to get back to it. To find the time to write and edit. With some fantastic feedback from each, I feel like I can really do that. If only...

Time has been sticking out its tongue at me, fingerstips crammed into its ears saying, "Na-nananana! Yooooou can't catch me!"

I know I was lucky before to have time on my side. To be able to write during the day and make it my focus. Now, I have a lot to juggle inside that little bubble and so far… I've been failing at including writing into it.

I am also acutely aware that my plight is not mine alone. Many artists and authors work day jobs to support their artistry. I've heard to work on my lunch break, but I am already working out then… Or write when the kids are in bed, however, at that time my brain has all but shut down. My plan is to start getting up and hour earlier to write. That worked for me a year ago… I think it will work again now. 

But I have to come up with a game plan. To be completely honest with myself, I'm getting bored with Pendomus, book 1. I've been living it for nearly 2 years. While I know there are things to change and edit, I am giving it up for a while. 

Yes, you read that right. I GIVE UP. -- Just not like that. I give up trying to make Book 1 perfect before moving forward. Sometimes, I think it's okay to move forward while some things are still unresolved. Who knows? It may make for a better series if I can see more into the future of it. 

So, with that in mind, I am stepping out of book 1 to start book 2. 

I will hold all of my critiques and beta suggestions for when I can do them all at once. What do you think? Am I insane?

To those of you working, how do you manage? Do you have any tips? How do you stay motivated and focused?