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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Humor Hiatus and a New Year's Resolution

Can your humor go on hiatus? 

Mine did.

Ordinarily, I consider myself to be an upbeat person. Funny, if only to myself… but it seems that in my life transition, my sense of humor wandered off and only recently have I been able to grasp at it again… pulling it by its pigtails and making it squeal.
I mean… uh…


Has this happened to any of you?

I suppose life turned too serious. People's feelings had to be accounted for. Logistical stuff needed to be sorted out. Hell, it still does. Then with the Christmas craze… gah.

Thank the lucky stars THAT'S over.

Now that it's all settling down… I've been finding the humor in things again. It helps tremendously when you have amazing people in your life that make you laugh.

My hope is that this time next year, things will be back on track… a feeling of normalcy returned and perhaps even Pendomus in the process of being published or HAS BEEN published.

Wouldn't that be something?

Speaking of Pendomus…

I've decided to set a New Year's Resolution and I want you, my invaluable reader, to hold me accountable…

Are you ready for it?

By the end of January, I will complete the last four chapters of Pendomus.

No more excuses, dammit.

Honestly, I think it will mean writing it from scratch (or at least a big chunk of it), but I'm cool with that. I have all the pieces I need and I will work from there.

But here's the thing, I need a cheerleading squad. People who cheer or egg me on or yell at me when I haven't made any damn progress.

Hell, I need a freakin' word counter or something for my blog… hmmm… I wonder if I can get that somewhere. Suggestions? Links?

Originally, I thought I would start over… you know… re-read from the beginning. Get a feel for the book again… work my way to the end. But instead, I think I might read the last 3 chapters and just hit the ground running. It's go time, baby. I have a month and THAT'S IT.

Alrighty, my fantastical fiends… wish me luck and bust out those pom poms, would ya? ;)