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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Misplaced Perceptions

Okay, maybe it's just me... but what's the big freakin' deal about this new breastfeeding doll that's coming out? It's hit the major news networks as "creepy", "too real for comfort", etc... and I have to ask myself -- why the hell do I live in this country? I mean, seriously? This is worthy of discomfort?

If you are unfamiliar, please educate yourselves.

Let's be frank, I am an unapologetic progressive who believes that we need to stop flagellating the public over issues that are a natural and normal functions of the human body. Yes, that applies to dolls, too. Children learn by emulation. The question is -- what do we want them to emulate? That is my first and foremost question. Is it creepy to have a 6 year old "nurse" her baby? Really? Because to me, it's creepy to have a 3 year old boy with a realistic toy gun. (Though I'm not against that either) Just sayin'.

So this might turn into a feminist-like rant, but what's with the demonization of all things women? No - not even that, the TABOOization of all things women. Yeah, yeah... Eve... Garden... apple... blah, blah, blah. I'm not buyin' it.

Come to think of it, it's not even women -- it's all things sex. As a culture, we're ironically obsessed with it. Yet, we want to... what? Control it? Why? To what end?

With women and girls, in particular, the stigma is greater. The innate power given at birth to create and nourish life is tainted by the desire by society (which is run, in a great part by men) to put a damper on it. Is it some sort of inadequacy compensation? Or does it go deeper than that?

Think about it... it's okay for men to go around topless - hell, it's practically preferred. Just look at the Twilight series. (Yes, women are just as obsessed with the pectorals of the opposite sex as men are) What would happen if a women did that? Yet... it's sorta necessary at times.

Back to this doll... I have a daughter. She has her "babies" and it never occurred to me to worry about how she's feeding them. I nursed both of my children and I'm proud of that fact. Anyone who does a minute's worth of research can see that the benefits are astounding. While I acknowledge, it's not for everyone (one of my best friends and co-conspirator of my book tried and was unable, for example), I am appalled that we are still considering it "creepy" in today's standards.Why is it creepy to teach our daughters that nursing our children is how babies are fed? Do you think the ancient people around the globe had this problem?

Yeah, I get it. You don't want to think about the fact that the 6 year old girl nursing her baby has "girl parts". But she does. And there is nothing wrong with it. Get over the hang ups in your head and see reality for what it is. We all spend so much time convincing ourselves that our world view is the right one -- the only one.

But guess what? You're wrong.

We all are.