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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A time to look back, a time to move forward

I'm reaching a point in my novel where the end is in sight and I'm beginning to rethink my approach. I have a lot left to accomplish, but I'm getting stuck by the desires of others and the confusion in my own head.

I'm finding that for this phase, I may need to walk the path alone a bit. To sit with the story and really understand where it is I want to take the reader. What is necessary to divulge, what isn't? I love my friend's feedback and their love and interest in my characters... but it's leading to a confusion about who they really are in my head.

I know everyone has their own opinion and I know that everyone takes with them what they need... So I can't appease everyone. I need to write what I would like to read - not what I think others would like to read.

So, for that reason... I'm closing the gateway, so to speak.

I need some time to sit with my characters and finish the book - alone. Perhaps going back to the beginning and cleaning things up before finishing the ending. I think by then, I will know the goal - the way it is TRULY supposed to go and I will be doing it for myself. They way I want it to be and no one else.

For my devoted, supportive friends/fans... don't take this as a slight. I love you. I just want to write the ending that this deserves and make you proud. But that means pulling myself inward and finding where it needs to go for the story's sake.